Bournemouth Curtains Ltd has a Quality Management Policy that incorporates its Business Strategy and Mission Statement and shows the aspirations of the business, with quality as the foundation stone for continually improving all aspects of its Customer Service.

Bournemouth Curtains Ltd enjoys an excellent partnership with its customers and prospective clients, to enable both parties to jointly achieve profitable business development and growth within the constraints of the economic trading and legislative environment appertaining at that particular moment in time.

Bournemouth Curtains Ltd will utilise its expertise to achieve best practice results in regard to Production of the highest quality materials and in its Manufacturing to meet customers expectations as cost effectively as possible without any compromise with regard to quality.

Bournemouth Curtains Ltd will continue to strive for the highest possible standards of customer service and product quality in all aspects of its business.  Targets and objectives will be set where appropriate, and these are continually monitored and reviewed to ensure that continual quality and performance improvements are achieved.

Bournemouth Curtains Ltd is continually seeking to uphold and improve its working standards.  The Quality Management Team will hold regular meetings to inform employees as to the outcome of any review meeting and any changes to be made.

Bournemouth Curtains Ltd will ensure that its employees are working with a safe environment at all times.  The Quality Management Team will regularly review and assess the competence of its employees to various tasks and provide regular and updated training where necessary to improve their performance and uphold all Health & Safety regulations.  This will assist them in their job role as well and ensuring a high level of Customer Satisfaction.

A signed copy of this statement is available on request.