Commercial Curtain Tracks & Rails

We supply a selection of tracking systems which our fitters will recommend depending on the function and curtain to be installed.  We have sourced an excellent metal tracking system that is strong and durable, as well as a specialist stage tracking used for theatre, studio and auditorium curtains.

Tracking systems available from Bournemouth Curtains include:

  • Tracks for Bay windows;
  • Track that can be bent;
  • Corded Tracks;
  • Stage/Theatre Tracks;
  • Cubicle Tracking.

Our qualified fitters are happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best option for your particular space. This will be done during the initial consultation appointment.

Curtain Poles & Rods

There is a large selection of curtain poles on the market today suitable for every occasion and style.  These include:

    • Wooden;
    • Metal;
    • Corded/Uncorded;
    • Eyelet Poles;
    • And, Bay Window poles

All curtain poles are available in a range of finishes, finials and styles, and matching accessories such as holdbacks are also offered – all of which come in a selection of colours.  Again, our fitters are more than happy to discuss all the options available to you.

If you would like to arrange for a one of our Curtain experts to meet with you please call us on 01202-434185 or complete our contact form.